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August 17, 2005 by LeapingLizard

After a long break fron Joe User, I have wandered back. The addiction will always be here.

Since I was last here, I have doing tons of yoga, teaching, gardening, and going to Moonshine Flush shows.

Most recently, I worked with a teen group in St. Paul. We had pool days, camp days, art days, cooking days, car wash days, science days, dance days and painted a mural, which took about a week. The funniest qupte from the summer was on the bus ride home from one of our feild trips....
January 20, 2005 by LeapingLizard
So, we're looking to move. After three years in the same neighborhood, we've had enough. We're both restless people. We love the area, but its the same old same old, and we have cabin fever. So we've been looking for new places and today, I think we found one!

It's on the another edge of downtown from where we are now, and nest to campus. The area is mostly houses that have been divided up into apartments and small apartment buildings. Best of all, it's a co-op!

The apartment we like...
January 18, 2005 by LeapingLizard
I made sushi for the first time on Saturday, and surprisingly, it didn't fall apart. Of course, I made the simplest kind, but still! I put lobster, cucumber, and avacado on the inside. Some had just lobster and avacoado, some had just lobster and cucumber, and some had just cucmber and avacado. I also put sesame seeds in some of them. All together, I think there were about 40 rolls. It took about two hours to do the whole thing and we (Oliver, my brother and I) ate them all in about 15 minu...
January 15, 2005 by LeapingLizard
I watch you. I know you’re faking it. What does it matter? They don’t notice anyway. Poor them. They’re really like this.

There are a few other fakers. It’s better to be a faker. Fakers have perspectives that non-fakers don’t get.

Academics call it objectivity.

I don’t give a fuck. I fake that, too.

Switch it on. Switch it off. On. Off. On. Off.


The selves are always fleeting and pulling. The balance is difficult to manage. One is always trying to get ...
January 13, 2005 by LeapingLizard
In response to the textbook sticker discussion, I have only this to share. It was given to me by the wonderful author Lisa Peters, who wrote the childrens book Our Family Tree. She is regularily asked to visit schools and do book talks. Occasionally, the school will ask her not to talk about this book in particular. Her response, following that request, is to talk about none of her books. Anyway, I find this a humerous response to the whole sticker on science books issue. Hope you can rea...
January 12, 2005 by LeapingLizard
I was recently asked how I plan to use music in my classroom and why. A little stunned, I realized I knew I wanted music in my classroom, but I hadn't thought about how and why, or planned exactly when I would use it. I just figured I would, sometime. I hadn't actually stopped to think about the importance music has played in my life. Or how now, I am in a place where I'll be providing an experience for someone else and music. I thought it was about time that I did.

My Elementary School ...
January 11, 2005 by LeapingLizard
What are you doing calling at 3:30? You never call before you go to work. You barely call, anyway.

I answer.

Kaya is dying, you say.

I can tell you're crying. And you never cry.

And Dad won't do anything. He says he doesn't have that kind of money. And I don't. I don't know what to do. What should I do.
She's laying here. She can't move her back legs. She cried all night.

Pause. I can't think of anything to say. I don't have the money, either. Words, words, words. An...
January 6, 2005 by LeapingLizard
This is me with my brothers (one of which is Same Old Rat) and my sister.

This is my man with his mom on Christmas. And, it's Reddirty....his photo debut!
January 6, 2005 by LeapingLizard
Me & My Baby

Killer Kitten

Sleepy Kitten Next to My Size 6 Shoes!
January 6, 2005 by LeapingLizard
Yesterday, after taking a break from the fifth grade class I am teaching in, I decided to go back. I thought, maybe my cooperating teacher would have had a wonderful holiday and that she'd come back here with a fresh attitude. I thought, maybe she'll be nice to me and acknowledge me when I come into the classroom...maybe she won't be so cruel and unpleasable to thte children.

No such luck.

I've decided that she must be losing it, in all seriousness. Her teaching has taken a nose dive si...
December 24, 2004 by LeapingLizard

We see them once a year or so on my man's side, usually in Oklahoma. I'm reminded why I like alcohol. Ha.

They are wonderful, and overwhelming, and selfish, and generous, and self-centered, and focused only on others needs, and everything I am and love to be and hate to be.

Here it is in my face....

They're blunt. They don't hide their flaws.

Neither do I, at this point.

Well, I try. I'm the daughter in law, I have to....sometimes...and so do they.

So here ...
December 15, 2004 by LeapingLizard
Ahhh! I've been having trouble accessing Joe User! My biggest problem has been the invasion of InstaFinder. It seems to have taken over my JoeUser experience. Whenever I tried getting to my page, it would pop up, giving me no option to get here. When I could get here, occasionally, when I would click on a link (any link) it would come up instead. It was crazy. I ran AdAware, and some other de-bugging stuff...but when I search my files for InstaFinder, it's still there! I can't get rid of ...
December 8, 2004 by LeapingLizard
The Willie Joke Update
Today I overheard Quincey say something to Willie. Willie responded by saying "It's not Willie...Call me Big Willie." Quincey was surprised to hear this come out of Willie's mouth. Quincey didn't say any penis jokes for the rest of the period. Willie's strategy worked, and I didn't even think of that. Yeaaaaaa!

The kids were more involved than ever today. They are starting to come out of their shells, I think. We worked on fractions of land using Starbursts to r...
December 7, 2004 by LeapingLizard
Now, Willie (I found out today that that's how he spells it, now) has been at NE for a week and 2 days. His first day was my first day. He seemed well mannered, shy, intelligent, and had a particular style. His style is one I 'd expect to see in the suburb he moved from. Baggy, but not too baggy jeans, no hat, some kind of silver neckless, a button down shirt, skate shoes. He looked nice, but not dressed up. He acted the same way. Relazed and put together. He held himself high those firs...
December 6, 2004 by LeapingLizard
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