Me & My Baby

Killer Kitten

Sleepy Kitten Next to My Size 6 Shoes!

on Jan 07, 2005
One bottle of beer for you, one for your baby?
on Jan 07, 2005
what a beautiful baby!
on Jan 07, 2005
Soooooooooo cute!!!!! Utterly GORGEOUS
on Jan 07, 2005
oooooh cute kitty!
on Jan 07, 2005
Screw that kitten, my God, you're soooooooooooooooooo HOT! We should go out sometime and have "that sex."
Seriously though, cute kitten, but I'm disappointed that you own a pair of those 4inch flip flops, damn do I hate those. Make O come out to that show with us tonight.

on Jan 07, 2005
I know...the 4'' flip flops, I'm ashamed. But, hey, I'm only 5'2''. Being 5'5'' feels nice, sometimes. Let me know when you wanna have "that sex"...haha. I told O he should go out. You should just call him. I bet he'll go.

Yep. She only made it through the first fourth of hers before she fell asleep. I finished it for her: wouldn't want it to go to waste!