Published on December 24, 2004 By LeapingLizard In Misc

We see them once a year or so on my man's side, usually in Oklahoma. I'm reminded why I like alcohol. Ha.

They are wonderful, and overwhelming, and selfish, and generous, and self-centered, and focused only on others needs, and everything I am and love to be and hate to be.

Here it is in my face....

They're blunt. They don't hide their flaws.

Neither do I, at this point.

Well, I try. I'm the daughter in law, I have to....sometimes...and so do they.

So here we are....and then there's the silence...cause, see I haven't popped out any kids yet, and they seem to be the focal point of entertainment during those deadly silences that make everything seem more comfortable.

Let's break out the alcohol!

on Dec 24, 2004
Alcohol, the problem solver
on Dec 26, 2004
Oh lizard it sounds like you need to find a rock to crawl under for awhile. We missed you yesterday at Grandma's, all the cousins say "Hi." They all were there this year. Hang in there---you will be home in a few days. Go bask in the sun, find some good insects to munch on, and maybe things will look brighter!


on Dec 26, 2004
I feel your pain I am closer to my ex husbands family though and invited to their house for Christmas what do I do hurt the mother I have know for over 20 years and sis thats my best friend for 20 years and not go or drink a lot and go...I drank a lot and went it still was terrigbky uncomfortable(
on Dec 29, 2004
Sorry..I miss you. If you were here, it wouldn't be uncomfortable...but we'd still bust out the alcohol. See you soon. Love, Rat.
on Dec 30, 2004
Come home soon!!! What's for New Years?