Published on January 20, 2005 By LeapingLizard In Misc
So, we're looking to move. After three years in the same neighborhood, we've had enough. We're both restless people. We love the area, but its the same old same old, and we have cabin fever. So we've been looking for new places and today, I think we found one!

It's on the another edge of downtown from where we are now, and nest to campus. The area is mostly houses that have been divided up into apartments and small apartment buildings. Best of all, it's a co-op!

The apartment we like is part of a four-plex. We'd share a huge front balcony with the people next to us (second level) and we'd have a rear balcony with stairs leading down to the back yard, which is adjacent to a park.

There are tons of book stores, natural food stores, resaurants, and bars in the area.

Inside, the apartment has wood floors, high ceilings, a build in kitchen buffet thingy, all dark molding that is about 6'' tall and two walk in closets. There are windows on of the walls (even one in one of the closets). It's amazing! Plus, I get a bigger kitchen!

We even get access to the basement...!

(the only drawback is that we don't get a view of the skyline anymore-oh well!)


on Jan 21, 2005
Let me know when I get a hirnea (sp?) carrying some of your shit around trying to make your new digs Feng Shui. Seriously though, Cheers! Keep me posted on this eh?